Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Annie Revival 2012

If we must have yet another revival of this show on Broadway, can we at least have a fierce cast? And by "fierce cast" I mean I want to choose the cast. Here goes...

Annie...Erin Whyland

She made her Broadway debut last year as Debbie in Billy Elliot: The Musical and she is hilarious. I think she can really shine in a starring role. She can even bring along all of her ballet class friends from Billy Elliot to play the rest of the orphans.

Miss Hannigan...Allison Janney
She is a complete scene stealer and the gruff, untrained quality in her voice will suit this orphanage matron very well, not to mention that fact that the woman's height is enough to intimidate any small child. She plays comedy in such a way that she walks the line between grounded humor and over-the-top but never crosses it.

Daddy Warbucks...Michael Cerveris
He has a tough outer shell that commands attention, but is really a big ball of love on the inside. Plus, his head is already shaved.

Grace Farrell...Kelli O'Hara
Nobody can play sweet and loving onstage like Ms. O'Hara and with a soprano like that, how could Annie and Warbucks help but fall in love with her?

Rooster...Raul Esparza
True, he usually plays a leading man, but I think this featured role could show off a different side of Esparza as he channels his inner con artist.

Lily St. Regis...Sutton Foster

I can just hear her singing Easy Street right now and it is over the top and campy, but it is Sutton Foster so some how it is fabulous at the same time.,

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  1. I completely agree, especially about Allison Janney!