Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 Academy Awards Live Blog

Check out this link for my Oscar predictions!

11:36 Well as they say in the movies, that's a wrap! Goodnight all

11:33: Its Best Picture time kids: and the Oscar goes to.......I hope Social Network but I predict The King's Speech. And The King's Speech it is

11:20 Sandy Bullock is presenting the award for Best Actor, she loves Javier Bardem. She wants Jesse Eisenberg to accept her friend request. Lets be real here guys, Collin Firth has this award in the bag. Again a big surprise, Collin Firth wins

11:12 Best Actress, Jeff Bridges just called Annette Bening's performed "fierce and fragile".  Why is this Jennifer woman laughing at her own performance. The Oscar goes to Natalie Portman, duh. Her boyf just walked her to the stage. Preggers

11:02 Award for Best Director, the first of the big ones; I picked Fincher for The Social Network; Tom Hooper wins for The King's Speech

10:45 I picked the song from Toy Story based on Randy Newman's past wins; Oscar goes to Randy Newman, typical

10:31 Sorry I zoned out for a bit there kids. I love Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, they may be good hosts someday. Best Visual Effects: I picked Alice In Wonderland obviously. Inception  wins. Social Network wins for film editing; I picked Black Swan.

10:20 Oprah presents the award for Best Documentary Feature: I picked Inside Job because Wall Street is an F-ed up mess; and they win!!!

10:15 Best live Action short film is God of Love; I picked something else. This dude has some crazy hair!

10:12 Award for best Documentary Short Subject: Strangers no More  wins but I picked Killing in the Name. Oh well (I'm now 8/15)

10:05 Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi singing from Tangled with Alan Menken (genius) on the piano. She sounds horrible and so does he.

10:02 "We Belong Together" from Toy Story 3 performed by Randy Newman. This is his 20th nomination, such a badass!! I don't know if its Randy or the sound but I can barely hear any of the lyrics he is singing.

9:58 Award for Best Costume Design: I picked Colleen Atwood for Alice In Wonderland and she wins! She also won for Chicago and Memoirs of a Geisha (two of my faves) back in the day. She also designed Helena Bonham-Carter's dress/costume tonight. This brings me up to 8/14 in my predictions.

9:56 Award for Makeup Design: I picked The Wolfman and they win it. I'm up to 7/13

9:48 Award for Sound Editing: I picked Inception. The Oscar goes to Inception.

9:45 Best Sound Mixing: I picked Inception. The Oscar goes to Inception! I'm 5/11 on my picks

9:40 The token Aussies (Jackman & Kidman) are now presenting an ode to the silent films, talkies, and movie musicals. Star Wars Theme moment!! Ooooooo West Side Story!! I'm loving this medley of classic film scores. Best Original Score: I predicted Inception because it is Hans Zimmer after all. And the Oscar goes to  The Social Network.

9:38 And now we are having a little moment about the love affair between the Oscars and ABC that will last until at least 2020.

9:29 Award for Best Supporting Actor: I picked Christian Bale. I keep saying that Hollywood loves it when people lose weight for movies. The award goes to Christian Bale. He actually gave a really nice and thoughtful speech!

9:25 Russell Brand & Helen Mirren presenting They are presenting for Best Foreign Language Film: I picked Biutiful. And the award goes to In A Better World. 

9:23 Dear lord Anne Hathaway is singing a parody of On My Own from Les Miz. This is not acceptable Anne and that vibrato was weak. And now James Franco is dressed as Marilyn Monroe. This shit is beyond tacky guys come on!

9:16 Award for Best Original Screenplay: I picked The Kids Are Alright. I loved that movie and found it witty and touching. And the Oscar goes to The King's Speech.

9:12 Penelope Cruz is absolutely glowing as Javier Bardem is anounced. He and Josh Brolin are presenting adapted screenplay. I predicted Aaron Sorkin for The Social Network. And he wins its!!!!!!

9:05 Best Animated Film: I predicted Toy Story 3. And the Oscar goes to Toy Story 3! No surprises there!

9:02 Best Animated Short Film: I chose The Gruffalo. The Winner is The Lost Thing. I didn't really care either way, I just picked the one with the funniest name.

9:01 What kind of drug is Anne Hathaway on? JT and Mila actually look kind of good together. Why are they acting crazy, are they pretending to be pissed that they weren't nominated?

8:53 Supporting Actress: I went out on a limb and picked Hailee Steinfeld. The Oscar goes to Melissa Leo, I should have totally predicted that but I wanted to really go out on a limb with one of my predictions. Melissa I love that you were just bleeped out, that was fabulous. You seem a little bit crazy but I kind of love it. First I thought you were putting on a crazy show, but I actually think you are genuine.

8:46 Award for Cinematography: I picked Inception. The award goes to Inception! Yay me, 2/2

8:43 Award for Art Direction: I predicted Alice in Wonderland. The Award goes to Alice in Wonderland. I'm 1/1 so far...yay me!!!!

8:42 Classic movie montage: Gone With The Wind is my favorite of all time! It was the first film to win for Best Picture, Art Direction, and Cinematography. All of the epic movies have won this trifecta. Oh hey Titanic! I love that movie so much.

8:41 So now we are making it the year of the lesbian? Really? Are they about to put up a Home Depot ad?

8:37 ANNE LOOKS INCREDIBLE!!!!! SUCH A BEAUTY!!!!!!! I love that they are spoofing the fact that they were hired to appeal to a younger demographic. It's very cute that Anne's mom and James' grandma are incorporated into the opening spiel.

8:32 And here are the first glimpses of our hosts. They are planning to go into Alec Baldwin's dreams for hosting tips in a little  Inception reference. Now we're in court with Mark Zuckerberg. And in a boxing gym with Mark Wahlberg and Amy Adams. Oh god and now They're on horses and Anne looks like Annie Oakley in Annie Get Your Gun. We had a Morgan Freeman moment as well as a King's Speech moment. Anne is not doing the tap dance of the brown duck and James is in a white unitard. And how we're going back to the future. This is beyond Kitschy.

8:31 This opening montage of the ten best picture nominees is fabulous, I'm such a sucker for high drama.

8:16 Tim Gunn's picks for best dressed: Marissa Tomei, Heilee Steinfeld, Mila Kunis, ScarJo, Jennifer Hudson, Anne Hathaway

8:08 Who is this guy who is spouting off his predictions?

8:02 I love Natalie Portman's simple hairstyle and her very subdued attitude. She just called Darren Aronofsky "the bees knees."

8:00 And we are back with the live ABC coverage. Thank god Tim Gunn is here. Jennifer Hudson looks even better in HD. JHud just said she has accomplished all of her dreams already, though she has yet to do Broadway????

7:57 Natalie Portman is showing up very preggers. I think she could've gone a little less matronly but I love the neckline with the small glittery detail.

7:56 Let's re-cap the red carpet. I loved Hilary Swank, Reese Witherspoon, Hailee Steinfeld & ScarJo the most.

7:44 Obviously Robert Downey Jr. is one of the last to arrive. We saw him putting on his jacket outside of her limo which is so tacky. Penelope Cruz is working some fantastic cleavage post-pregnancy.

7:40 Halle Berry is looking phenomenal, a great red carpet comeback for her.

7:39 I love Sandra Bullock but that dress looks odd at the top. I don't know if it needs to be more tailored at the top or what. I really like her in red, though I'm not sure about the back.

7:38 Is that a mountain man? Oh wait that is Christian Bale.

7:33 Ooooo Gwyneth rocking the metallic look with the platinum hair. Very futuristic space suit look. I kind of hate that Calvin Klein on her.

7:32 Adam Shankman is a jackass and my ears bleed when he speaks. I hate you and everything you do. Rock of Ages was a trashy musical and will surely be a trashy movie.

7:30 Reese Witherspoon looks phenomenal, very Julia Roberts circa the year she won her Oscar. Nikki Kidman looks like a train wreck, why would you want to make your hips look huge?

7:24 Oh god Celine Dion you are my singing idol! I'm obsessed with you dear! I love the soft curls in your hair but that dress is a little reminiscent of a space suit. Can't wait to see you in your new Vegas show love!

7:20 Hillary Swank is my film actress idol and I love everything she does on film and in life. I love this metallic, gunmetal color on her in the simple strapless with the huge feathery bottom and the simple pulled back hair. She is exquisite and she is so natural.

7:18 Helena Bonham-Carter looking and sounding like a nutcase as usual, but we have to love her for what she is. Thats what happens when you are married to Tim Burton. She just said "I they we're going to sweep tonight".

7:10 Justin Timberlake stop trying to be politically correct about illegal music downloading and Napster. I would prefer that you just stop talking and just stand there and be pretty.

7:08 Sharon Stone is timeless in that black one-shoulder number with the feathers. I am pretty sure she ages backwards.

6:58 Giuliana and Kelly are definitely correct in saying that Cate Blanchett's dress is more of a piece of art than a gown. I think I love it!

6:52 Jennifer Hudson is looking phenomenal after her major weight loss this year. She went very bold with red! She is totally embracing her new body and I love that about her. She is so happy with her Versace dress and she is calling it tangerine though it looks red on my tv. You go girl!!

6:50 Mark Ruffalo always looks slightly scruffy but he actually looks quite spiffy today. I love that his wife actually pretends to text when she is taking about her text convo with Julianne Moore.

6:49 The illusion fabric on Mandy Moore's dress reminds me of a figure skating dress.

6:44: When Giuliana speaks I hear dying cats.

6:41 Zachary Levi is looking fab in Gucci, its so much easier for men than women on the red carpet. But then again, they dont get to have as much fun or take as many risks.

6:39 Amy Adams looks ravishing as always! I just love that girl and everything she does. That midnight blue cap-sleeve sparkly number is fantastic. It actually looks like it would be comfortable. Shout out to a fellow redhead.

6:34 I love Michelle Williams haircut! She has not personality at all on the red carpet, she acts like she is out on the planet Saturn. That dress looks like chain male.

6:32 Awww Russell Brand brought his mum Babs! "Katie is currently touring the planet earth!"

6:26 We just saw Amy Adams and Mila Kunis, both looking fab! Mila is sporting a plunging neckline lavender number by Elie Saab. I can't decide if it was pieced together after being put through a shredder or if it is just "artsy".

6:25 Oh Florence honey are you wearing an a 1950s matronly wedding gown in a mustard color?

6:22 Michelle Williams is stepping out of her vehicle. Hailee Steinfeld is such a cutie and this is such an incredible opportunity for her. I love the dress, but a few shades darker may make it a little less skin-tone. The updo with the skinny headband looks a little like my workout look with a stretchy headband and a messy bun. Awwww I'm so happy for her!

6:12 Anne Hathaway and James Franco are so pretty together, god knows we've seen enough of those promo spots on ABC. I want her to play Gypsy Rose Lee so FREAKIN bad!!

6:12 Melissa Leo's dress is kind of crazy but I kind of love it; its metallic, mirrored, gold, has cutouts, etc. Basically its a hot tranny disaster and I always love that!

6:07 Josh Hutcherson is such a cutie; I loved The Kids Are Alright. Good lord that boy is short, he is dwarfed by Ryan Seacrest. Josh totes gave props to his idol Christian Bale!

6:03 I hate Giulianna, she makes me want to jump out of my 8th floor window; I love how Jennifer Lawrence is embracing her curves, that is nice to see

6:02 Jennifer Lawrence looks like Kate Hudson, the red blends in with the carpet dearest; she sounds like a slow biddy, not a professional actress

6:00 Hello Ryan Seacrest, you're looking fetching and queer as always

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