Monday, June 7, 2010

TONY Nominee Swaps

So just for sheer fun, I decided I would toss a nominee out of a few categories and nominate somebody else who I really believe to be deserving. Oh yeah, and I'm a musical girl so don't expect much attention to be paid to plays in this completely hypothetical exchange of nominees.

Best Musical: Million Dollar Quartet is a waste of space. Did I mention I am sick of jukebox musicals?

My Swap: Sondheim on Sondheim-- it's a lovely night at the theater and includes some memorable performances of world-class music.

Best Revival of a Musical: Promises, Promises is great fun and I would love to see my girl Kristin Chenoweth's show nominated, but I can't bring myself to toss out any of these other fine revivals.

Best Leading Actor in a Musical: Chad Kimball is out of his league in this category.

My Swap: John Gallagher Jr. for American Idiot-- I know I said I was sick of jukebox musicals but I'm willing to make an exception in this case because Green Day allegedly wrote their album of the same name with the hopes that it would become a staged musical. Plus this boy owns the rock-musical performance style and excels here as he did in his TONY winning performance in Spring Awakening.

Best Leading Actress in a Musical: I'm sorry Montego Glover but I'm not feeling the Memphis love.

My Swap: Kristin Chenoweth for Promises, Promises-- anybody surprised about this decision? This category is filled with veterans and Kristin was clearly missing so I had to oust the newbie (sorry Montego, I hear you are fabulous though)! In my eyes, anytime Chenoweth opens her mouth it is TONY worthy so I stand firm with my choice.

Best Featured Actor in a Musical: I think we are all a little bitter about The Adams Family stinking up Broadway this season (I love your work Andrew Lippa, call me?) so Kevin Chamberlin will have to go.

My Swap: Cheyenne Jackson for Finian's Rainbow-- I know he would've been in the leading actor in a musical category, but this is hypothetical, so who cares?

Best Featured Actress in a Musical: I am a dancer so this is hard for me to say, but great dancing does not necessarily merit a nomination for an acting award, Karin Plantadit, though your talent is immense.

My Swap: Erin Mackey for Sondheim on Sondheim-- I know that was out of left field, far left in fact, but I was utterly blown away by her interpretation of the Sondheim music at her tender age.,

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  1. obviously i 100% agree with you on john gallagher jr. he is a god amongst men.