Saturday, April 20, 2013

Our Review of JEKYLL & HYDE on Broadway

Last Sunday I got the chance to see Jekyll & Hyde at The Marquis Theatre after attending a pre-show brunch where I met the cast. What an entertaining show! Since this is a revival, we all know Frank Wildhorn's music. This cast truly gives the music new life, particularly Constantine Maroulis (Jekyll/Hyde) on This is the Moment and Teal Wicks (Emma) on Once Upon a Dream. There has been a lot of hype around Deborah Cox as Lucy. While she didn't excite me or really bring anything groundbreaking to the role, she was serviceable. We all know the story, but the cast keeps it fresh. Constantine Maroulis is electric. You feel for him as Jekyll and loathe him as Hyde. He transitions effortlessly between the two with different facial expressions, body carriage, vocal tones, and  of course his great free-flowing hair. The supporting cast isn't large, but they certainly support the music well. The sets are decent, but remember, this is a touring production after all.

As a whole, I was pleasantly surprised with the production. It is a limited 13-week engagement, so come see it while you can. You won't regret it! If you don't believe me, listen to these fine people.

Join in the fun and HYDE yourself like Constantine!

#HYDEyourself Instructions:

Step 1. In order to #HYDEyourself, log into your application store and download an
                image-collage application, such as PICSTITCH or PHOTOSPLIT. They're free!

Step 2. Take 2 photos of yourself, one as your “Jekyll” and one as your “Hyde.”

Step 3.  Using the image-collage program, select the 2-photo frame and insert one
                photo onto each side, adjusting them so that your face splits down the
                middle.  You can also use any photography programs you may have to alter
                the look of your photos.

Step 4. Save the image to your smart phone and upload to Instagram. (Some
programs, such as picstitch, allow the photos to be directly uploaded to
Instagram without having to save to your smart phone.)

Step 5. Make sure to tag #HYDEyourself @JekyllMusical in the comments section of the photo.

NOTE: These are instructions for how to #HYDEyourself from your smartphone, but of course entries can be submitted via computer using photoshop, paint, etc!

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