Tuesday, February 5, 2013

SMASH: Season 2 Premiere

Let's kick this thing off right...Team IVY!!

10:58 Ivy looks like how I feel right now
10:49 Wow, thank you Hilty for working that 11 o'clock number!
10:40 Wow could this Brooklyn scene be any more stereotypically hipster?
10:34 Jeremy Jordan please don't get involved with this dingaling Karen
10:27 I cannot get behind Krysta, Wesley, and Savannah supporting Team Karen
10:22 Way to name drop Mary Testa, Jackie Hoffman, Cheyenne Jackson, and Harvey
10:19 Oh no this sexual harassment montage is a problem
10:15 Ivy is working the Double D Doralee look now
10:14 There are NO Broadway types hanging out at those tables in Times Square
10:03 Annaleigh Ashford is everything!
9:53 Jeremy Jordan has me sobbing right now
9:51 I have a collection of programs from failed musicals. Talk about Queening out!
9:48 Time to get an audition techniques class from Megan Hilty
9:46 What on earth is Christian's hair doing right now?
9:39 "Good luck, you deserve it" That's bad luck in the theatre!
9:35 "I'm your muse, it's what we do" #Gross
9:34 Singing next to JHUD will always make McPhee look bad
9:30 Ivy is working the Evita hair right now!
9:23 I hate Karen even more this season
9:21 Wait, why does Ivy have to apologize to Karen?
9:15 How long until Anjelica's character throws another drink?
9:14 "Someone is always waiting to take you down honey. But if the work is good, they won't be able to." -JHud
9:13 Why is Karen Cartwright happening?
9:12 I didn't realize they were going to cut to Memphis...
9:09 Remember when Christian Borle was married to Sutton Foster?
9:09 The St. James is a great theatre, but I don't think it's "the best"
9:08 "I don't read the reviews. I read Tom's face." -Julia
9:06 Wesley Taylor is divine. He is everything!
9:05 Anjelica Huston's characterr is WORKING the bangs!
9:05 Megan Hilty works the curves, she lives for a good wrap dress!
9:04 We die for Krysta Rodriguez! But we hate the fact that she is bff with Karen.
9:03 Wesley Taylor and Savannah Wise are just darling!
9:02 Does anybody else have a problem with the fact that Karen is not nearly curvy enough to play Marilyn?
9:01 Oh wow, did she or didn't she? I'm talking about Ivy's suicide attempt.

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